Level 186: Kristofer Eng (It Takes Two, Elias Software)


Composer Kristofer Eng‘s music for It Takes Two is fantastic. For the most part, it’s cinematically orchestral, with other styles heard depending on the level in the game. The game is a 2-player puzzle/adventure platformer, where you play as the parents to a girl named Rose. Her parents are planning to divorce, and Rose doesn’t…

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Level 185: Meena Shamaly (Old World, Game Show)


Meena Shamaly is a singer, an instrumentalist, a composer, a radio host and a performance poet. While not a definitive list of his artistic talents, it’s a list relevant to our conversation we had at the end of July. So, we talk about how he sang, played oud and served as an Arabic music and…

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Level 184: Will Savino (Souldiers)


Composer Will Savino talks about his music for Souldiers, a metroidvania platform puzzler with RPG elements, pixel art and a retro-ish soundtrack. So much music in this game! It was fun to talk about it with Will! Also, Will composes loads of music for tabletop gaming, a topic I haven’t explored very much, and was…

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Level 183: George Sanger (Wing Commander, The 7th Guest)


A few things about my conversation with George Sanger. It’s the longest single-interview episode in my 11 years as a podcaster, and the interview itself flew by. I felt like each question could’ve been its own episode. I kept wanting to turn the page and discover more. Alas, we barely scrape the surface of this…

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Level 182: Joel Schoch (Far: Changing Tides, Far: Lone Sails)


Joel Schoch‘s music for the Far series of games is truly wonderful (Far: Changing Tides from 2022 and Far: Lone Sails from 2018). I can’t recommend it highly enough. Joel does a laudable job scoring the open, watery worlds in both games. An abundance of live instruments but with respect for the, well, “simplicity” that…

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Level 181: Jeff and Angela van Dyck (Unpacking)


There are 14,000 sound effects (aka “Foley”) in the game Unpacking. That’s a handful. And what a charming game, no dialog, just art and sound. You learn the story as you unpack the belongings of a young girl as she grows up, goes to college, moves in with friends, then experiences different relationships in adult…

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Level 180: Jose Varon (Imp of the Sun)


Imp of the Sun is a gorgeous 2D platformer from Sunwolf Entertainment, a company co-created by the game’s composer, Jose Varon. The game was inspired by the landscape, history, culture, art and music of Peru, where the developers live. Jose got the chance to record instruments in a museum, some of which were 6,000 years…

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