Level 192: Phill Boucher (HEROish, Fortnite)


Composer Phill Boucher wrote a fantastic score for HEROish, a new castle defense game on Apple Arcade. It’s an amalgamation of Celtic instruments, a full-orchestra and some hardcore metal guitar. He calls it “Celtic metal plus” and the description is appropriate. Definitely take a few moments to check out this score video if you want…

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Level 191: Nainita Desai (Immortality, Telling Lies, 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible,The Reason I Jump)


Composer Nainita Desai is all over my playlist these days, whether it’s her game music or film music. Most recently, it’s for Sam Barlow’s new interactive film/game called Immortality. In Immortality, the player sifts through footage of 3 unreleased feature films, trying to solve the mystery of missing (fictional) film star, Marissa Marcel. As a…

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Level 190: Ben Hanson, Kyle Hilliard (MinnMax, GameSpot)


Ben Hanson and Kyle Hilliard are serious content creators in the world of video game media. They have a media empire of sorts here in Minneapolis at MinnMax, with weekly podcasts and videos, a vibrant Discord and a variety of events. They met years ago as colleagues at Game Informer magazine (published here in Mpls)…

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Level 189: Alina Matson (Fitment, Glossbird)


Alina Matson is the founder of Glossbird, a Minneapolis-based game developer making a game called Fitment. Alina and her company are making a social micro-fitness game, described as Animal Crossing meets Duolingo for exercise. It isn’t out yet, although it will be hitting early-access soon! Fitment’s release is expected in 2023, and now you can…

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Level 187: Zac Tiessen (StarCraft 2 UED: First Light)


I loved talking with Zac Tiessen. He’s a phenomenal guitar player (look him up on YouTube for sure). He’s just composed the soundtrack for a StarCraft II mod called UED: First Light, a prequel to the StarCraft universe. Zac’s music matches the epic expanse of the cosmos he scored, with an epic orchestral style and…

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Level 186: Kristofer Eng (It Takes Two, Elias Software)


Composer Kristofer Eng‘s music for It Takes Two is fantastic. For the most part, it’s cinematically orchestral, with other styles heard depending on the level in the game. The game is a 2-player puzzle/adventure platformer, where you play as the parents to a girl named Rose. Her parents are planning to divorce, and Rose doesn’t…

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