Level 247: Cris Velasco (Lords of the Fallen)

It’s always a joy catching up with composer Cris Velasco! This time around, we chat about his epic music for Lords of the Fallen, a souls-like action RPG with plenty of boss battles. He also clues me into another one of his recent scores, for a game called Fae Farm, He and I will talk more about that in a future episode, because it’s delightful. Also couldn’t be more different than his music for Lords.

Come chat with us on Discord about game music, and see the video of my conversation with Cris on the Level with Emily YouTube channel.

PLAYLIST by Cris Velasco for Lords of the Fallen unless noted otherwise

00:00 Aphotic Judgment 06:29 Warmaster 06:56 Orian Ascendance 08:22 Deathless Duty 11:01 Molten Heart 12:30 Archnemesis 16:39 Bloodletter 19:44 Call to War 20:05 Howl of Devastation 23:02 Archnemesis 26:05 Maw of Faith 27:23 Maw of Faith 33:02 Bloodletter 37:13 Fiery Malice 43:15 Welcome to Azoria 45:00 Warm Winds of Adventure 45:55 Maw of Faith 46:41 The Sun on Your Back 47:28 The Market Dance 53:53 Rotting Whispers 54:25 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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