Level 248: Jon Everist (The Lamplighters League)

Composer Jon Everist‘s music for The Lamplighters League is a great blend of noir and adventure. The soundtrack paints such a perfect picture of the vibe of the game (which is a turn-based tactics game).

So many wonderful solos and soloists, with an orchestra recorded live at Abbey Road Studios, and they all sound fantastic! Also, I swear I know what a trombone sounds like. Or I used to think I did.

PLAYLIST by Jon Everist for The Lamplighters League unless noted otherwise

00:00 The Lamplighters League (Main Theme) 02:38 Heist Prep 04:04 Nicastro Theme 07:51 The Lamplighters League (Main Theme) 12:38 Jungle Quiet 16:42 Nicastro Theme 20:43 Cloak and Dagger 21:35 The Lamplighters League (Main Theme) 23:00 Arctic Quiet 25:37 Arctic Quiet 28:18 Parisian Night 32:38 Spotted 35:58 The Undrawn Hand (Opening Cinematic) 38:09 Jungle Combat 41:06 The Tower 42:39 Marteau Theme 46:18 Light the Way (World Map Theme) 48:01 Heist Execution 48:42 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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