Level 249: Lifeformed, Janice Kwan (Tunic)

I loved talking with Terence and Janice so much about their wonderful music for such a fabulous game. The music for Tunic is a glorious blend of synths and acoustic piano, with waves of (often) consonant sound. Plus, you get to play as an adorable fox!

Terence and Janice live in Taiwan so I got to learn a bit about that tropical island too, and got to meet some cats which always brings a smile! You get to see them in the YouTube video…

PLAYLIST by Lifeformed and Janice Kwan for Tunic unless noted otherwise

00:00 Memories of Memories 07:19 Sunset Breakfast 14:32 Ghost Field 15:36 The Librarian – piano sketch 15:56 The Librarian 18:07 The Captain – piano sketch 18:24 The Captain 19:10 The Knight 20:52 Remember to Remember 22:21 Carbon Harvest 23:32 What They Kept From Us 25:02 Ghost Field 26:43 Ghost Field 28:19 Ocean Glaze 31:20 Ocean Glaze 32:01 To Far Shores 35:56 To Far Shores 45:51 Sageless 49:39 Flux is On 53:30 River, River (not for Tunic) 58:03 pull me in by Janice Kwan 1:01:16 The Cats Are Hungry 1:04:10 Hex Sequence 1:04:51 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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