Emily Reese, host of Level with Emily Reese
Emily started in radio at NET Radio in Lincoln, Neb. in 2005, then worked at Minnesota Public Radio from 2008-2015. In 2011, Emily and Sam Keenan created Top Score, a podcast about the composers who write music for video games. Emily hosted the Morning Show on KBEM Jazz 88.5 in Minneapolis from 2016-2021.
In 2015, Emily and Sam created Level with Emily Reese, a podcast focused on all audio in games, including composers, sound designers, voiceover actors and performers.
Emily is loves classical music and jazz, and is a gamer. Her favorite games are first-person shooters and RPGs, and she games on consoles.
Emily is a trumpet player and studied music education and jazz studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder and received her master’s degree in Music Theory from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Sam Keenan, Producer of Level with Emily Reese
Sam Keenan has been an audio engineer for twenty years in commercial and public radio, working on national radio shows like Leigh Kamman’s The Jazz Image, American Public Media’s Weekend America and Performance Today. In 2011, he co-created Top Score podcast with Emily Reese. Sam is a multi-instrumentalist, a composer and performer, and has written theme songs for national radio shows, and for Level with Emily Reese, which he co-created in 2015 He also works as an illustrator and cartoonist. Sam is an old-school gamer who excels at the early Marios and Tetris, loves all things Star Trek, Dr. Who and British TV. You can hear more of his music on Bandcamp (https://samkeenan.bandcamp.com/music).

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