Level 250: Dale North (Astral Ascent)

This is such gorgeous music by Dale North for Astral Ascent. Fully orchestral (a mix of real and samples), lush and full – and sometimes it ascends! Like the game!

Definitely check out the conversation Sam and I had about it on Next Level.

Come chat with us on Discord about game music, and see the video of my conversation with Dale North on the Level with Emily YouTube channel.

PLAYLIST by Dale North for Astral Ascent unless noted otherwise

00:00 Opening Cinematic
01:00 Main Menu
05:44 Fragmented Plains – Exploration
12:16 Crimson Highlands – Combat
18:54 Main Menu
23:24 Fragmented Plains – Combat
29:38 The Master – Phase 2 (feat. Emi Evans)
32:34 Andromeda’s Bar
35:19 Echoes Room
35:58 The Yalee Kingdom
38:37 The Garden
40:12 Short Intro
43:59 Choral Archipelago – Exploration

46:18 Red Barrens – Exploration
49:27 Event Horizon
50:22 The Void
51:40 Sun & Moon
52:54 The Master – Phase 1 (feat. Emi Evans)
53:24 Fight Theme
53:48 Other Sprouts – Sam Keenan

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