Level 251: Erik Desiderio (Last Epoch In Concert)

A little more than two years ago, Erik Desiderio was on Level to talk about music he’d written for Last Epoch, which was in early access at the time.

Erik is back to talk about all of the music he’s written for the game since we spoke in 2022. Also, Last Epoch is about to get its official release, and the Game Music Ensemble of UCLA is going to play Erik’s music from the game live, with Erik conducting.

This gave us many reasons to chat! That concert, by the way, will apparently be streamed? Unsure, check here and here! The concert is on Saturday, February 24th at 7 PM PST (UTC-8).

by Erik Desiderio for Last Epoch unless noted otherwise

00:00 Last Epoch Theme
09:03 Keeper’s Camp
14:28 The End of Ruin
17:48 The Surface
19:22 Burning Forest
28:36 What She Left to Remember
31:54 Shadow’s Whisper
46:32 Eterra
48:30 The End of Ruin
50:32 Fires Before Dawn
57:40 The End of Time
59:58 The End of Time
1:06:04 Above the Black
1:08:20 Bastion of the Sun
1:09:17 In Preparation
1:09:54 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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