Level 256: Lennie Moore (Outcast – A New Beginning)

Composer Lennie Moore wrote such gorgeous music for Outcast – A New Beginning that it made me mad, no exaggeration. It’s so pleasing harmonically with fantastic melodies and transitions, and outstanding musicianship from the soloists and performers.

Live choir, live soloists, live orchestra – and you can tell. The music has breath and life.

Come chat with us on Discord about game music, and see the video of my conversation with Lennie Moore on the Level with Emily YouTube channel.


by Lennie Moore for Outcast: A New Beginning unless noted otherwise

00:00 Outcast Main Titles

03:54 Tower of Humanity

06:08 Galenta

16:53 Bidaa

18:27 Outcast Main Titles

20:05 Okksanar

22:24 Daokas

29:25 Galenta

34:05 Okksanar

38:53 Outcast Theme (featuring Manu Delago)

40:20 Outcast Theme (featuring Manu Delago)

41:48 WFA Fortress

42:52 Pillars of Saar

44:51 Almayel’s Prophecy

54:12 Desan

1:13:47 Plains of Sanon

1:15:26 Kizaar

1:21:03 Prokriana

1:25:08 Heights of Adoron

1:28:08 Sappa

1:37:56 Danger Ahead!

1:40:52 They’re Everywhere!

1:41:20 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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