Level 255: Zac Tiessen(Vanitas + Viriditas)

We’re so happy to have Zac Tiessen back on Level to talk about a new project he worked on with his fine artist brother, Josh Tiessen!

Zac wrote music for a series of paintings called Vanitas + Viriditas. You can hear the music here (and elsewhere). It’s really gorgeous music, with outstanding live performers like singer Julie Elven, the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and more.

Come chat with us on Discord about game music, and see the video of my conversation with Zac on the Level with Emily YouTube channel. Find Level with Emily on Patreon.

by Zac Tiessen from Vanitas + Viriditas unless noted otherwise

00:00 Sophia

04:53 Harbinger from Streams in the Wasteland

06:26 Memento Mori

09:54 Sophia

10:48 Qohelet

12:58 Sophia

18:49 The Kairos Stones

19:58 All Creatures Praise

22:02 Auguries of Innocence

25:41 Vanitas + Viriditas

30:48 Vanitas + Viriditas

38:21 Qohelet

39:39 In This Birch Grove

41:29 In This Birch Grove

42:18 In This Birch Grove

46:11 The Kairos Stones

48:05 Memento Mori

51:53 Auguries of Innocence

54:30 Vanitas + Viriditas

55:08 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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