Level 253: Chase Bethea (Stardander School for Witches)

Composer Chase Bethea talks about his music for Stardander: School for Witches, a Harry potter-esque narrative turn-based battle adventure game where you learn spells and solve mysteries.

The music is mysterious at times, with winding melodies and unexpected instrumentation. His mom sings too, which is great!

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by Chase Bethea for Stardander School for Witches unless noted otherwise

00:00 The Conjurations of Touchstone

3:46 Daily Activities
6:20 Daily Activities

9:28 Daily Activities Choice Reminder

11:26 Investigations

13:18 Stardander School Song Anthem

14:47 Trouble and Mystery

17:02 Fall Festival

23:16 Clearing the Forest

25:10 Clearing the Forest

27:56 Fae Reign Supreme

31:48 Protector of Renar City

36:16 The Inventor’s Imprudence

37:43 Cloaked in Rivalry

39:58 Cloaked in Rivalry

44:53 Twilight Patrol

45:48 Discovery Circle

46:18 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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