Level 241: Darren Korb (Hades)

Composer Darren Korb‘s music for Hades properly beloved. It’s a great blend of metal with acoustic Mediterranean instruments to take you through the deep story of the game.

Darren adds his voice acting talents to the game as well, voicing the main character, Zagreus, and the training dummy, Skelly.

Hades is one of my favorite rogue-lite dungeon crawlers, and the music is the best.

Darren and I had this conversation about his music and acting in November 2021. For a handful of reasons, none of which have anything to do with Darren, we are sharing it now, with sincere apologies for a nearly two-year delay!

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by Darren Korb for Hades unless noted otherwise

00:00 No Escape
06:44 Scourge of the Furies
10:06 Out of Tartarus
10:54 Out of Tartarus
12:29 Through Asphodel
13:54 The King and the Bull
14:56 Mouth of Styx
15:50 God of the Dead
16:56 On the Coast
17:32 In the Blood (feat. Ashley Barrett)
23:14 Final Expense
26:22 In the Blood (feat. Ashley Barrett)
31:02 God of the Dead
33:24 God of the Dead
34:14 The Unseen Ones (feat. Daisuke Kurosawa and Masahiro Aoki)
49:27 In the Blood (feat. Ashley Barrett)
51:56 Good Riddance (feat. Ashley Barrett)
54:54 The Unseen Ones (feat. Daisuke Kurosawa and Masahiro Aoki)
57:48 From Olympus
58:40 Primordial Chaos
59:56 Primordial Chaos
1:01:34 The Bloodless
1:03:50 Field of Souls
1:04:46 Rage of the Myrmidons
1:05:38 The Painful Way
1:06:24 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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