Level 237: scntfc / Andy Rohrmann (Oxenfree, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals) PART TWO

This is Part Two of my chat with scntfc / Andy Rohrmann about his music for Oxenfree and Oxenfree II: Lost Signals.

And it’s another episode packed with music and back stories. We can’t wait to have Andy on the show to talk about more music in the future!
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by scntfc for Oxenfree (I) or Oxenfree II: Lost Signals (II) unless noted otherwise
00:00 Epiphany (I)
05:09 Lost (I)
06:36 music from the ARG for the cult Parentage
06:48 Lost (I)
11:14 The Beach, 7AM (Magnetophone) (I)
11:48 The Beach, 7AM (Magnetophone) (I)
13:38 The Beach, 7AM (Magnetophone) (I)
16:12 A Block A Rock A Grave a Cave (II)
17:42 A Block A Rock A Grave a Cave (II)
18:51 A Block A Rock A Grave a Cave (II)
20:15 Cleanslate (I)
23:27 Cleaned Slate (II)
24:48 Kanaloa (I)
33:03 Catbird Station (I)
34:48 Towhee Grove (I)
35:34 Epiphany Fields (I)
37:52 Epiphany Fields (I)
38:36 Baby Carrots (II)
39:30 Epiphany Fields (I)
41:26 Against The Rocks (I)
42:08 Against The Waves (I)
44:37 To The Summit (I)
47:49 Cold Comfort (I)
48:58 Cold Comfort (I)
50:48 Found (II)
53:35 Beacon Beach (I)
54:38 ***Changed Beacon Beach*** courtesy scntfc
58:08 Beyond the Space Gates by Morgan Kuhli from Infinite Psychic Translations
58:55 ***audio of Morgan Kuhli on the radio***
1:00:17 Can You Hear The Quiet Flames by Morgan Kuhli from Infinite Psychic Translations
1:01:19 The Hanford Reach by Burn A Pale Fire (scntfc + Morgan Kuhli) from Undone
1:06:07 Arcadia Station (II)
1:07:07 Catchpole Station (I)
1:10:29 Best Friends from Virtual Virtual Reality + AR + 2
1:15:45 Towhee Grove (I)
1:16:42 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan


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