Level 236: scntfc / Andy Rohrmann (Oxenfree, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals) PART ONE

Oxenfree and Oxenfree II: Lost Signals are fantastic games with phenomenal music. The games are scored by scntfc, a.k.a. Andy Rohrmann. And I can’t ever get enough of Andy’s music.

I love these games so very much, from the art and story to the music. If you haven’t spent time listening to these scores, treat yourself.
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by scntfc for Oxenfree (I) or Oxenfree II: Lost Signals (II) unless noted otherwise

00:00 To The Valley (II)
06:40 Beacon Beach (I)
09:58 Nightfall, Camena (II)
12:22 Berenson Creek (II)
14:15 Atwater Station (II)
16:28 Arcadia Station (II)
17:41 To The Island (II)
19:06 Atalanta Third (II)
23:33 20 Days Past (I)
27:20 Baby Carrots (II but not on OST)
29:22 Baby Carrots (II but not on OST)
31:14 Journey of a Bird by Morgan Kuhli from Infinite Psychic Translations
35:00 Blacklake (II)
37:37 Cleaned Slate (II)
38:27 Change the Station (II)
42:15 Garland (II)
43:36 Lift (II)
44:40 Lift (II)
46:52 Lift (II)
48:31 Epiphany Fields (I)
49:08 The Beach, 7AM (I)
50:01 To The Valley (II)
51:49 To The Island (II)
54:31 To The Valley (II)
55:22 The Stars Are On Their Side (II)
56:32 Ghosts Of The Pacific Northwest (II)
57:22 Ghosts Of The Pacific Northwest (II)
58:06 To The Valley (II)
59:07 Blacklake (II)
1:00:21 Garland (II)
1:04:20 Garland (II)
1:05:46 Transmissions (II)
1:08:20 Transmissions (II)
1:11:19 Exit (II)
1:12:33 Copper Creek (II)
1:14:35 The Caves (II)
1:16:28 Atalanta Third (II)
1:18:43 Galvanic (II)
1:19:22 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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