Level 235: Doyle Donehoo (Aliens: Dark Descent)

Composer Doyle Donehoo wrote a fantastic score for the newest game in the Alien franchise, called Aliens: Dark Descent.

His music shares several hallmarks but is uniquely his music, and his fandom for this franchise runs so deep it comes off as a gorgeous, if not appropriately creepy, love letter.

Doyle saw the first film, Alien, in the theater in 1979. I’ve told many friends about the story of his experience that night – hilarious. And much later in our conversation, we chat about how he was one of the first in the world (yup) to see Star Wars, an equally engaging tale.

If you’ve played Warhammer, you’ve likely heard Doyle’s music. This score is just as epic yet in the most delicate way possible – the dynamic range alone can put you in that terrifying universe.
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by Doyle Donehoo for Aliens: Dark Descent unless noted otherwise

00:00 Aliens: Dark Descent Main Theme
07:18 They Keep Coming
08:26 Main Theme
13:00 That’s Just Creepy
16:52 Desperate Escape
26:20 Running Battle
28:31 Industrial Disaster Aftermath
31:37 Alien First Encounter
35:37 The Queen Must Die
40:08 Check Those Corners
50:25 Revelations in the Dark
54:48 Desperate Escape
1:05:48 Running Battle
1:06:20 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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