Level 234: Antfood/Wilson Brown (Let’s! Revolution!)

Composer Wilson Brown is part of an audio studio called Antfood, and the studio is responsible for the delightfully chill soundtrack for the Minecraft-esque roguelite, Let’s! Revolution!

One of my favorite parts of the soundtrack is the percussion – a lot of organic sounds, like body percussion, Latin, South American and other world instruments, mixed with synthetic samples. It’s a cold drink on a warm day or a warm drink on a cold one, take your pick. It’s pleasing!

by Antfood for Let’s! Revolution! unless noted otherwise

00:00 What An Adventure
07:26 Crowns & Loafers
11:21 The King’s Clutch
12:25 The King’s Clutch
14:51 The Woodlords
19:58 Aquila
26:44 The Woodlords
37:19 Bearded Dragon
41:01 Crowns & Loafers
48:48 The Friend
55:54 What An Adventure
59:20 Salty Wounds
1:00:24 Salty Wounds
1:05:03 The Gym For Tiny Critters
1:10:37 Civil Oaks
1:11:14 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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