Level 231: Brent Meyer (Katoa)

Composer Brent Meyer talks about his music for Katoa, a mobile game where you build and manage an underwater ecosystem. A portion of the money spent through microtransactions goes toward charities that support the climate.

The main theme Brent wrote is a sweeping, melodic orchestral romp. Once you begin gameplay, the texture simplifies and the music becomes more ambient to support the visuals.

I loved the gentleness of the more ambient tracks, and thoroughly enjoyed talking with Brent about his music, and our shared geography 🙂

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by Brent Meyer for Katoa unless noted otherwise
00:00 Beings of Light (Katoa Main Theme)
03:21 A New World
11:53 Beings of Light (Katoa Main Theme)
15:17 Gaia
18:30 Beings of Light (Katoa Main Theme)
27:31 A Reef in Trouble
34:32 A New World
41:41 Ocean Lullaby
48:34 A Reef in Trouble
49:13 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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