Level 232: Vinicius Barbosa Pippa (Composer, Music Editor, Score Supervisor)

Composer Vinicius Barbosa Pippa has held many jobs as a musician working in media.

In addition to his work in games and film, he garnered an Emmy nomination for his work as a music editor on an animated show called Go! Go! Cory Carson. And he was the music supervisor on a different animated show that aims to introduce Star Wars to kids called Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures (definitely check this out if you haven’t, they’re fabulous shorts!).

I loved chatting with Vinicius about his music, his projects, Portuguese and more!
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by Vinicius Barbosa Pippa unless noted otherwise

00:00 Night Life
16:20 Lemon Tea
23:32 Clues
29:49 One Last Time
32:37 The Intercept
33:52 Blood Vow
43:58 Graveyard End Credits (From the film Graveyard)
48:16 Idee Fixe II
50:05 Dream Come True
50:31 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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