Level 230: John Robert Matz (Tchia)

It’s always a great time having John Robert Matz on to talk about his music. This time, we discuss Tchia, an open-world adventure of a young girl on tropical islands inspired by the real location, New Caledonia.

The music is such a joy. John Robert captured a colorful, simple and memorable island vibe with his soundtrack.

The game is fantastic too. This isn’t some hundred hour open world sprawl either; it’s digestible and easy to take breaks.

Music is woven into the gameplay is unique ways, and you can play chromatic triads on your ukulele using the controller.
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PLAYLIST by John Robert Matz for Tchia unless noted otherwise

00:00 Main Theme
12:32 The Pilou
15:04 Weliwele Town
30:41 Underwater Reef
35:10 The World
37:22 An Audience with Meavora
42:03 Aemoon City
43:36 Weliwele Town
44:49 Song I – Ö ngo eka
48:03 Song I – Ö ngo eka
49:54 Song II- -Lapa ië
54:25 Song IV- -Chez nous à Weliwele
58:53 Sailing
1:00:57 Main Theme
1:01:38 Song II- -Lapa ië
1:02:43 The Maano
1:04:16 Hunahmi Arrival – Hunahmi Village – Meeting the Chief
1:05:51 Into the Banyan Tree – Echoes of the Past from Tchia: The Beach Sides
1:07:48 Gutu Island from Tchia: The Beach Sides
1:09:12 Madra Noj Lake
1:09:52 Tingeting Village
1:12:17 Tingeting Village
1:18:46 Forests from Tchia: The Beach Sides
1:20:14 A Day with Tre from Tchia: The Beach Sides
1:31:34 The Sea Race
1:32:46 The World
1:33:28 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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