Level 229:Sander van Zanten (Deliver Us the Moon, Deliver Us Mars)

I love these games! And Sander van Zanten‘s music does a fantastic job capturing the wonder, loneliness and splendor of being in space.

If you haven’t played Deliver Us the Moon, I highly recommend it. And then play Deliver Us Mars! The gameplay is so engaging and Sander’s music is a great part of it all.

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PLAYLIST by Sander van Zanten for Deliver Us the Moon (Moon) or Deliver Us Mars (Mars) unless noted otherwise

00:00 Prelude (Moon) 07:08 First Light (Moon) 12:06 Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Moon) 12:56 Uprising (Moon) 16:46 Renaissance (Moon) 20:42 Warnings And Alarms (Moon) 22:40 Prelude (Moon) 24:37 Spirit (Mars) 30:10 Spirit (Mars) 35:54 Home (Mars) 37:52 Home (Mars) 34:50 Sarah’s Song (feat. Nola Klop) (Moon) 48:30 Sanctuary (Mars) 50:01 Sarah’s Song (Moon) 53:40 A Spark Of Life (Moon) 57:40 Autumn Falls (Mars) 59:20 Hummus On Flatbread (Mars) 1:03:56 Odysseus (Mars) 1:06:02 Rupture (Mars) 1:17:42 The Great Escape (Mars) 1:18:20 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan
Source: LWER

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