Level 179: Wobblersound (Loot River)

The music for Loot River was composed by two brothers in Vienna, Austria – Markus and David Zahradnicek. Markus and David, who go by Wobblersound, are a full-service audio package, so for Loot River, they supplied not only the music, but the sound design and implementation.   You can find a playlist and support Level…

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Level 178: Chase Bethea (Questlike Pocket)

Chase Bethea talks about his music for Questlike: Pocket, a mobile monster-hunter RPG with a rhythmic component to battle. Chase wrote four battle tracks for the game, all in the same time signature of 5/4, and all at 60 beats per minute to match battle tempo throughout the game. In addition to the four battle…

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Level 177: Ben Nichols (OMNO, Before We Leave, The Falconeer)

  Composer Ben Nichols talks about three soundtracks: OMNO, a gorgeous adventure game (for which he received an Ivor Novello nomination); Before We Leave, a colorful world-builder; and The Falconeer, a dogfighting aerial combat fighter. So different from each other and delightful to discuss each one! You’ll find a YouTube video on our channel (sometimes…

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Level 176: John Robert Matz (Ambition: A Minuet in Power)


Join us on Discord to discuss the episode! This is music by John Robert Matz for Ambition: A Minuet in Power, an adventure game/interactive visual novel with all sorts of romance options, set during the ramp-up of the French Revolution in the 1780s. John Robert’s music is also set in the 1780s, the height of…

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Level 175: Carlos Eiene (insaneintherainmusic)


Composer Carlos Eiene began his career at age 14, uploading video game music covers to YouTube from his living room on piano and saxophone. He posted a video at the beginning of 2022 stating he would no longer be uploading game covers, but that he would be focusing on original composition. Carlos and I talk…

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Level 174: Lacey Johnson (VGM remix artist, composer, YouTuber)


Video game music remix artist Lacey Johnson is a content machine! You can find dozens of remix videos of Lacey’s on YouTube, she’s got a Persona 4 album on Bandcamp and several more album projects planned (including Persona 3!) with dozens more YouTube videos scheduled. I got to meet Lacey in April at VGM Con…

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Level 173: Robert Wolf (Arknights, Call of Duty Mobile, Honor of Kings)


A song by composer Robert Wolf is nominated for Best Original Song in the upcoming Game Audio Network Guild Awards on May 25, 2022. He composed “Immutable” for the game Arknights, a mobile tower defense/ tactical RPG from Hypergryph. Robert is a composer for Hexany Audio, a company that provides music and sound for many…

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Level 172: Mark ”Mahn” Schimmelbusch (Bloodborne Concept Album)


Mark Schimmelbusch – known as “Mahn” in the VGM world – talks about his album called The Old Blood: A Bloodborne Concept Album. This album was recently awarded best remix album at the 2022 VGM Con Remix Awards in Minneapolis. Mahn has remixed many other favorites from game music, and we enjoyed talking together about…

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Level 171: Mason Lieberman (Tencent Games)


Composer Mason Lieberman works for Tencent Games, and writes music for all types of games and projects, like PUBG Mobile and Teamfight Tactics. He’s composed for tons of different anime projects too, like RWBY and Beyblade Burst Evolution. Mason has a keen ear for composing J-rock, and other J-styles and C-styles, and was exposed to…

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Level 170: Dom Palombi (Game Night!)


Drummer Dom Palombi talks about his new album Game Night! with game music covers and three original tracks. The album features several seasoned video game, anime and all the J-styles performers like Patrick Bartley (J-Music Ensemble), Carlos Eiene (insaneintherainmusic), the Super Soul Bros., Charlie Rosen (8-Bit Big Band) and more. Dom and the Game Night! band recently…

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Level 169: Andrew Hulshult (Dusk and Dusk ’82)


Andrew Hulshult‘s music for the Quake-like retro first person shooter called Dusk is fabulous. Dusk, from New Blood Interactive, originally came out in 2018. Andrew’s music for the original Dusk is symphonic metal – a lot of electric guitars and epic orchestral music. And that’s all wonderful and amazing and you’ll hear a bunch of it.…

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Level 168: Andrew Benon (Chex Quest) VGM Con 2022

This is a panel from VGM Con with composer Andrew Benon for Chex Quest, a game that came out in boxes of Chex cereal from General Mills in 1996. Andrew, at the time, worked for a company in Minneapolis called Digital Cafe. General Mills also is located in Minneapolis (well, a suburb called Golden Valley,…

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Level 167: Lee Jackson (Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad)

Composer Lee Jackson‘s legacy in the world of game music includes the theme song for Duke Nukem 3Dcalled “Grabbag”. Lee talks about writing music for Duke Nukem 3D and other Duke projects, as well as how quickly he wrote music for Rise of the Triad, and how he made sounds for Balls of Steel (all…

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Level 166: DB Cooper (Voice Over Actor)


You’ve probably heard DB Cooper‘s voice at some point in your gaming life. Most recently, she voiced characters in the game Lake, and she is one of only two who voice ALL of the characters and sounds in the strategy roguelike deck builder Monster Train. I first heard her in BioShock 2 as the voice…

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Level 165: Neil Bones/Corey Jones (Twelve Minutes)

One of my favorite soundtracks from 2021 came from Neil Bones (a.k.a. Corey Jones) for Twelve Minutes, a creepy time-loop game from Annapurna Interactive. Corey’s music caught my attention for its simplicity and beauty. Find it on Bandcamp and all the places! You can find a playlist and support Level with Emily on Patreon.…

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