Level 09: Recording Engineer John Rodd; Global Game Jam 2106

Music engineers and Game Jams!

John Rodd is an engineer out in LA who’s worked on dozens and dozens of films, TV shows and games. You’ve seen or played many of them, and all the music you’ll hear in the segment comes from projects John’s worked on. John either mixed, mastered or recorded (maybe even all 3!) for this list of credits, including the Assassin’s Creed soundtracks written by Jesper Kyd, Sam Hulick’s music in Mass Effect 3, Gordy Haab’s music for Star Wars: Battlefront, Dave Porter’s music for Breaking Bad and so much more!

The Global Game Jam happened this weekend! Tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries created thousands of games in 48 hours.

Sam Keenan, our producer, participated in the event as a composer, and I went snooping around with a microphone to chat with participants about their games. You’ll hear from some of those involved in the weekend’s jam, accompanied by music Sam wrote for his team.

And, you can see all the games made here in the Twin Cities right here. In the segment, you’ll hear from Kayla Boyd and Evva Kraikul. Also, I interviewed Cal Carlson, Meghan Wendt and Trygve Nordberg; however, one of the mics wasn’t working properly, so the audio was terrible, and I’m *so* sorry because it was great to speak with them.

Enjoy the show!

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