Level 08 Jamstik, Composer Danny Cocke

It’s the final episode of January. Crazy.

Two folks on this week’s show: Danny Cocke is a composer who’s music has appeared in dozens upon dozens of trailers for film, TV and games. You’ll hear his music in trailers for the games Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Thief, Titanfall and more. 2K used his music for the opening cinematic to 2015’s Evolve.  Danny ended up with this career of his in an unusual way, and we hope you enjoy his story.

Jarod Hadaway works in Artist Relations for a company called Zivix here in Minneapolis. They make a product called the Jamstik that helps people learn how to play guitar. It’s so cool, for real – it’s also a MIDI controller that works with all sorts of DAWs. Anyway, we aren’t getting paid to air this segment, we just think it’s a cool product! The music you’ll hear during the segment comes from a band called G.L.O., the members of whom all work on the Jamstik project. All the MIDI sounds in that song are made with the Jamstik.

Sweet! Enjoy!

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