Level Bit 18: "Edgewater" from The Outer Worlds (Justin E. Bell)

Into the weeds, perhaps a bit too far, on a portion of a delightful track by Justin E. Bell called “Edgewater” for The Outer Worlds. On the Official Soundtrack, “Edgewater” includes both of the themes that are heard in the town called Edgewater. This video contains the second half of that full track from the…

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Level Bit 16: Half-Life: Alyx

Sam and I are thrilled to announce we’ve been conducting behind-the-scenes interviews with the audio team at Valve Corp. while they create the sound and music for Half-Life: Alyx. Here is an introduction to the audio team.…

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Level Bit 11: Kenny Young

A brief rundown of composer Kenny Young, who is the subject of next week’s long-form episode. Next week, you’ll hear his newest soundtrack, but in this Level Bit, you’ll hear some of Emily’s favorite music of Kenny’s from the past. You can see a playlist and support Level with Emily on Patreon.…

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