Level 131: Thomas Parisch (Biped)

Thomas Parisch composed music for Biped, an action-adventure co-op game that is rioutously fun! Thomas combined electronica, jazz and world music elements to create a vibrant and engaging score. He got great performers for the recording, too.

by Thomas Parisch for Biped unless noted

Biped Theme
Scramble Gamble
Jetting With The Birds
Ocarina Blues
Flying Circuits
Roaming the Forest
Ocarina Blues
Scramble Gamble
Flying Circuits
Murmurs From The Ruins
Romance No. 2 by Robert Schumann (Heinz Holliger, oboe; Alfred Brendel, piano)
Sonata for Oboe and Piano, 1st movement by Francis Poulenc (Ingo Goritzki, oboe; Ricardo Riquejo, piano)
Antonín Dvorák, Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95 “From the New World” 2nd movement (Iván Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra) (x2)
Lazy Currents
Space Walk
Canyon Drifters
Roaming the Forest (x2)
River Run

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