Level 10 Hitman, XCOM 2

Happy Thursday!

Episode 10 features composer Tim Wynn and actor David Bateson.

Tim just finished the score for XCOM 2, which came out February 5th. Inspired by sci-fi scores from the 70s, Tim’s music for the game is synth-y with organic allusions. Those organic sounds stuck out to me (in a good way!), and it was a pleasure to speak to Tim about his work for the XCOM series. The soundtrack for the game is available now!

David Bateson has been the voice behind Agent 47 in the Hitman series since the first game launched more than 15 years ago. He grew up in South Africa, now lives in Denmark, and it was a delight to hear about his journey. The beta for the newest game, simply titled Hitman, begins tomorrow, February 12th.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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