Level 26: Brad Derrick (Elder Scrolls Online), Jarrod Leda (aka GANEMYDE)

Firstly, thank you to everyone who was able to contribute to our GoFundMe page so we can go to PAX West this year. We’re grateful to composers Dren McDonald and Jason Graves for offering such generous rewards to donors. Thank you all very much for your support!

Secondly, remember the Google Hang next Saturday, June 25th at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. Our guests are:

  • Jason Graves (Far Cry Primal, Until Dawn, the Dead Space series, Tomb Raider 2013, The Order: 1886)
  • Lennie Moore (Dota 2, CS:GO, Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm, Outcast, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Halo CE Anniversary) and
  • Austin Wintory (The Banner Saga 1 & 2, Journey, Flow, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Monaco).

For the first 30 minutes, I’ll ask them questions as in a composer panel. The last 30 are open for questions from you! Google Hangs are for Patrons only, and you can become one for as little as one dollar a month. See you next week!

ON TO THE SHOW!Jarrod Leda shared some music with me a few weeks ago and I immediately wanted to talk with him about it. He created a track entirely with sound effects from Destiny, and it’s not the first time he’s made music from sounds in games. His Soundcloud page is here, and it was a pleasure to make his acquaintance!

Composer Brad Derrick (best website ever, btw) was on last fall to talk about his music for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. He’s back this week to talk about his new soundtracks for the two newest DLCs for ESO: the Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood. It’s ridiculously good music.
AND, Brad is our Patron of the Week, so we got to chat about his favorite video game music. He literally emailed me this morning to say, “Please change all my answers to DOOM,” but I ignored him because his list is perfect as is. Here is that list, and we spoke about the first two:

1. “Far Away” from Red Dead Redemption by Jose Gonzalez2. “Cleric Beast” from Bloodborne by Tsukasa Saitoh

3. “The Last of Us” from The Last of Us by Gustavo Santaolalla

4. “Nascence” from Journey by Austin Wintory

5. “Ransacked” from Wolfenstein: The New Order by Mick Gordon

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