Level 73: Mike Raznick (Away, Infinite) and POTW Matt Ehlert

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Composer Mike Raznick for the VR nature documentary game called Away. I spoke with Mike a few years ago on Top Score about his music for the steampunk side-scroller called Spate. We also talk about a fabulous score he wrote for a game that never got released – that game is called Infinite.

Our Patron of the Week is Matt Ehlert, and here are five of his favorite video game tracks. We talk about the first two:

1. “Nightmare table” from Pinball Dreams by Olof Gustafsson
2. Load music from Sanxion by Rob Hubbard
3. “Under Logic” from Streets of Rage 2 by Yuzo Koshiro
4. “Let’s Go Away” from Daytona USA by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
5. “Lonely Rolling Star” from Katamari Damacy by Yoshihito Yano

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