Level 217: Greg Nicolett (Potionomics)

Greg Nicolett‘s music for Potionomics is as colorful as the game, weaving in and out of various styles and palettes depending on characters and locations.

The game is a 3D deck builder/management sim, where you (as Sylvia) brew and sell potions out of your own shop. And go on dates 🙂

Much of the score was recorded with live orchestra, and there are a lot of soloists that stand out, like past Level guest Kristin Naigus and Greg Nicolett himself playing a fabulous trombone solo in Muktuk’s Slumber.
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by Greg Nicolett for Potionomics unless noted otherwise

00:00 Potionomics Main Theme/Uncle Oswald’s Bequest
04:14 Muktuk’s Calling
04:58 Busy Being Luna
07:52 Mint’s Quest for Adventure
08:34 Xid’s Theme

11:00 Boss Finn
11:54 Sylvia vs. Boss Finn
12:48 Sylvia vs. Roxanne
16:56 Potionomics Main Theme
19:42 Roxanne’s Invitation
22:53 Muktuk’s Slumber
30:02 A Binding Agreement
30:52 A Binding Agreement
32:50 Main Title Terminator 2 Theme from Terminator 2: Judgment Day by Brian Fiedel
34:38 Agushev Cocek by Mucca Pazza
36:08 The Cat Pirates
37:42 The Cat Pirates
38:25 The Cat Pirates
40:34 Sylvia vs. Roxanne
43:41 Date Night
52:02 Potions Don’t Sell Themselves
56:50 Owl’s Suspicions
58:54 Anubia Arrives
59:30 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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