Level 218: Rob Kovacs (Straylight)

We’ve had composer Rob Kovacs on Level in the past to talk about his alter ego, 88bit.

This time, he’s here to discuss his Prophet 5 modern 80s soundtrack for the VR game Straylight, and I love every minute of it.

The music is fantastic, and Rob sits at his piano during our chat to demonstrate some of the musical choices he made. It was so much fun!

You can support Rob in many ways, whether on his Patreon, on Twitch, Bandcamp and many other places!
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PLAYLIST by Rob Kovacs for Straylight unless noted otherwise

00:00 Straylight 09:31 Straylight 10:26 Straylight 13:00 Petrushka, Tableau IV “La foire du mardi gras”: Danse des cochers et des palefreniers (1947 version) by Igor Stravinsky, conductor Riccardo Muti, Philadelphia Orchestra 14:12 Straylight 16:40 Straylight 19:40 Star Forge 21:37 Star Forge 23:26 Star Forge 24:40 The Last Campfire 27:12 The Last Campfire 30:02 The Last Campfire 31:56 Void Compass 34:08Void Compass 34:56 Void Compass 35:58 Void Compass 37:40 Devil Star 38:06 Devil Star 40:26 Devil Star 41:18 Devil Star 42:24 Devil Star 44:26 Devil Star 49:20 Devil Star 51:42 Marble Madness “Practice Race” – performed by 88bit/Rob Kovacs 54:18 File Select from Super Mario 64 – 88bit, Save Point Video Game LoFi – Super Mario 64 55:10 Cave Dungeon from Super Mario 64 – 88bit, Save Point Video Game LoFi – Super Mario 64 59:30 The Railgun Run 1:02:28 The Railgun Run 1:03:32 Ascent of the Juggernaut 1:07:40 Ascent of the Juggernaut 1:08:50 Ascent of the Juggernaut 1:09:24 Ascent of the Juggernaut 1:12:32 Ouroboros 1:13:16 Ouroboros 1:15:20 The End 1:16:16 The End 1:17:55 The End 1:20:26 Platform 1:24:42 The Last Campfire 1:28:04 Star Forge 1:29:10 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan

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