Level 216: Alkemie Early Music Ensemble (Pentiment)

Pentiment is a 2D narrative adventure murder mystery set in the early part of the 16th century. Director/designer Josh Sawyer dreamed of making a historically accurate game set pre-Renaissance, and he asked Alkemie Early Music Ensemble to create a faithful musical score for the game.

“Early music” at its simplest definition consists of music before the year 1600, when tonality wasn’t how we westerners understand it today, and instruments were ancestors of what’s common to find in an orchestra now (these instrumental developments continued well beyond the year 1600).

And Alkemie’s soundtrack is fabulous.

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I spoke with co-founders and performers Sian Ricketts and Tracy Cowart, who are both professional early music scholars and professors; they’re multi-instrumentalists and singers too. And I’m so grateful for them both, their bandmates and their music!

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