Joon Media 10: Matthias Bossi (Super Meat Boy 5th Ann); Seth Alter/Marley Magner (Subaltern Games)

Hello everyone!

Episode 010 is here and we can’t believe it. Right now, Sam and I are in LA; I moderated the Composer’s Roundtable panel at GameSoundCon Wednesday afternoon. Adam Gubman, Penka Kouneva, Peter McConnell and Austin Wintory were the guests, and it was great!

For this week’s show, we chatted with Matthias Bossi. Matthias and his musical partner, Jon Evans, made music for the Super Meat Boy 5th Anniversary edition and for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, and The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. It’s great stuff, and it was a pleasure to speak with Matthias. He’s one of those folks who never imagined he’d be writing for games, and he’s got a great story.

Also this week, we talked to Seth Alter and Marley Magner. Seth used to be a teacher, and that experience inspired him to create a game called No Pineapple Left Behind. Marley wrote the music, and they’re both on the show to talk about their creation.


Emily, Sam and June

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