Joon Media 11: Inon Zur (Sword Coast Legends) and Trent Moriarty (The Forgotten City)

Hi friends!

Sam and I had a terrific time at GameSoundCon in LA last week. If you work in game audio, or are trying to break into the biz, this con is the one for you. Smaller group (couple hundred) and everyone is supportive and kind and fabulous. Brian Schmidt runs GSC, and he’s a wonderful human being. Also, Brian writes music for pinball machines!! And we hope to feature him on an upcoming episode.

This week’s show features a couple of composers – Inon Zur and Trent Moriarty.

Inon Zur had a busy last few weeks – in case you’re unaware, he scored Fallout 4, which came out Tuesday. He also scored Sword Coast Legends, which came out at the end of October. We’ll talk to Inon about Fallout 4 in a few weeks, and today, you’ll hear his music for SCL. Fair warning: it’s great.

Trent Moriarty wrote some mellow and haunting music for a popular Skyrim mod called “The Forgotten City.” He landed that job in one of my favorite ways: he saw the trailer, noticed it had temp music in it, reached out to the developer, asked if they’d hired a composer yet, developer said no, and Trent got the job. Good. Stuff.

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