Joon Media 09: Maclaine Diemer (Guild Wars 2), Sebastian Wolff (Materia Collective,

Hello, friends!

Nothing scary this week — unless you’re scared of fantasy games, then you’re screwed.

Maclaine Diemer is the in-house composer for ArenaNet, creator of the Guild Wars series. Since Guild Wars 2 came out in 2012, a ton of additional content came out, but the first official expansion just came out last week. Maclaine wrote the music for it, so we chatted about that, and how he got the job as lead composer for Guild Wars 2. What a neat story Maclaine has!

Sebastian Wolff just produced a giant Final Fantasy VII cover album, and if you’re a fan of the music from Final Fantasy (I mean, duh, yeah?), you need to own it. Sebastian co-created, a company designed to help cover artists obtain licensing and to help artists distribute their music online.

Had a blast talking with both of these fine humans!

Enjoy the show!
Emily, Sam and June

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