Level 38 Joel Corelitz (The Tomorrow Children); POTW

I was instantly hooked when I heard Joel Corelitz‘s music for The Unfinished Swan  back in 2012.  Loved his music when I played Hohokum in 2014, and I enjoy what I’ve heard in The Tomorrow Children and TumbleSeed.

We talk about those last three in this episode. Good stuff, and includes pure synth music, a Russian-esque choir and an orchestra. The Tomorrow Children just came out this week, and TumbleSeed‘s release date is TBA.

Our Patron of the Week is David Morton. His list of favorites is full of energy, no doubt! We talked about the first two:

  1. Final Showdown” from Bully by Shawn Lee2.
  2. VS. Mode (No. 3) from Splatoon by Toru Minegishi and Shiho Fujii3.
  3. Monokuma’s Lesson” from Dangan Ronpa by Masafumi Takada4.
  4. Monomi’s Theme” from Super Dangan Ronpa 2 by Masafumi Takada 5.
  5. So Much More” from Yakuza 5 by Mitsuharu Fukuyama6.
  6. Pan Con Queso” from Tropico 5 by Unknown

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