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A couple weeks ago, Patron of the Week Jean-Marc Giffin and I spoke about the soundtrack to the game Valdis Story: Abyssal City. I listened to the whole score, and immediately reached out to see if Zack would be a guest on our show. Even though the game came out several years ago, it was great to speak with him about how it all came together.

Valdis Story: Abyssal City is one of many games Zack’s scored, you can find his catalog on Bandcamp (where you can pick up all three and a half hours of the Valdis Story OST for less than 8 bucks…)

Stephen Kelly is our Patron of the Week. Stephen used to host a podcast about video game music called Train Station at 8, and now he hosts a new show for the crew at OCRemix called the OverClocked PodCast. Check it out here!

Stephen sent me 7 choices, we spoke about the first two:

1. “The Reaper’s Line of Sight” from Kid Icarus: Uprising by Motoi Sakuraba

2. “That’s the Way I Like It” from Sonic Adventure 2 by Jun Senoue

3. “The Sin’dorei” from World of Warcraft by Russell Brower

4. “The Wandering Isle” from World of Warcraft by Russell Brower

5. “Wario Mountain” from Mario Kart 8 by Shiho Fuiji

6. “The Glory Days” from The Glory Days (album) by Big Giant Circles

7. “Let the Speed to Mend It” from Sonic and the Secret Rings by Fumie Kumatani

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