Level 16 Petri Alanko Quantum Break

Finnish composer Petri Alanko used the coolest combination of synths and acoustic instruments for his music to Quantum Break. However, he didn’t exactly use those acoustic instruments in the manner in which they’re intended. It was a lot of fun to hear how he created the sounds for the score!

Also, it’s enjoyable to speak with a human who swaps which hand he writes with on a rotating 6 month schedule. Crazy and amazing!

Our Patron of the Week is Clare Jones. She didn’t have much trouble coming up with 5 of her favorite video game tracks, although she added two more at the end because the first 5 were contemplative and she didn’t want to seem so emotional. Hilarious! Here are her choices, and we spoke about the first two:

The Sea Will Claim Everything, Part 2” from The Sea Will Claim Everything by Chris Christodoulou

Song of the Ancients Devola” from NieR by Keiichi Okabe

Firelink Shrine” from Dark Souls by Motoi Sakuraba

Waterfall” from Undertale by Toby Fox

Casino Calavera” from Grim Fandango by Peter McConnell

Hotel de Monaco” from Monaco by Austin Wintory

Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage” from Shovel Knight by Jake Kaufman (virt)


Have a great rest of your week!

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