Level 102: Nicolas Diteriks, They Are Billions

Nicolas Diteriks composed music for the real-time-strategy zombie survival game called They Are Billions. I was really taken with the art and design for this game – it’s steampunk, the colors are great, and it’s fun to look at. Nicolas used a full orchestra, recorded in eastern Europe, and used a lot of metallic sounds too to reflect that steampunk aspect of it.

Nicolas has worked with a composer we’ve had on Level a few times before, and will again soon: Olivier Deriviere.

Also in this conversation, Nicolas and I talk about a couple of great jazz pianists. We mention Shai Maestro and Esbjörn Svensson.

by Nicolas Diteriks from They Are Billions unless noted

Main Theme
Final Swarm Incoming
Main Theme
Swarm 1
Main Theme from Lords of Xulima
“The Dream Thief” by Shai Maestro
“88 Days In My Veins” by E.S.T. (Esbjorn Svensson Trio)
“Seven Days of Falling/Elevation of Love” by E.S.T.
Final Swarm Countdown
Main Theme from Fallout: New Vegas by Inon Zur
Final Swarm

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