Level Bit 01: Woody Jackson "Revisiting Downes Ranch"

This is the first installment of our “Level Bits” where I talk over a track I like from a game. These bits are rough and ready, done in one or two takes, so nothing fancy! And I pop my P’s a lot in this one, which is annoying, and I apologize.

Level Bit 01 deals with music you hear as you’re finishing a mission called “Sodom Back to Gomorrah”, and it is specifically the music you hear as you’re leaving a place called Downes Ranch.

It’s lovely music, sad, innocent, simple, amateurish (I’ll explain that, don’t take it wrong!). Upon listening back, I’m fairly certain the lowest string is a double bass, not a cello, so forgive me for that mistake. I believe I refer to that part as the “low stringed instrument” mostly. And it totally could be a cello. Someone will know!

Back with a full episode next week, hope you enjoy this Bit!

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