Joon Media 07: Adventure Time, Erik Desiderio and Steve Pardo from Harmonix

Before we get to your Thursday treat, here’s a reminder! SATURDAY (Oct. 17) is our first Google Hang for Patrons who pledge $10.00 or more each month! We’ll kick things off at 5:30 PM Central, and wrap up around 6:30 PM Central. Composer Jason Graves will join us from 5:45 PM CT – 6:30 PM CT. The Joon Media team will stream Emily playing the game Jason most recently scored, Until Dawn. It’ll be SO HALLOWEEN-Y!

All right, on to the task at hand – Episode 007! Thank you for helping us get here!

I spoke with two composers this week: Erik Desiderio and Steve Pardo. Erik wrote music for the new Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games, which is the first TV show turned into a VR game for Oculus. The music is fantastic, and you can see a great video of Erik recording it all right here. Erik has a story well worth hearing about getting into the game audio industry.

Steve Pardo works at Harmonix and composes for indie games. I learned a lot about how Harmonix makes games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Fantasia: Music Evolved. Steve wrote music for a new music-based game coming to Apple TV called Beat Sports. SUPER FUN STUFF!

We hope you enjoy the rest of your week,

Emily, Sam and June

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