Joon Media 05: David Housden (Thomas Was Alone, Volume); Susan Arendt (GamesRadar, Take This)

Hello! Here is Episode 005, full of great music and stories in games from two amazing movers and shakers in the industry. Fine work, everyone!

Composer David Housden burst onto the scene a few years ago due to the fabulous music he wrote for Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone. Thomas was (and still is!) such a great game, with a sweet story and fun puzzles. David recently composed music for Mike’s new game, Volume.

The two games couldn’t be much different from each other – like those neighbor kids you knew growing up who had the same parents but didn’t look anything alike and it was strange? This is like that, without the strangeness.

Volume is a stealth game, inspired by Metal Gear Solid and the legend of Robin Hood, and it pretty much rocks. You’ll hear David speak about making music for both games.

In addition to the chat with David, you’ll hear from Susan Arendt. Susan is the Managing Editor at GamesRadar+, and she and her husband (Russ Pitts) co-created a charity called Take This. The charity aims to help people in the gaming community learn more about mental illness, and to help people in need of mental health services. It’s an incredible story, they’ve done some great things at conventions, and she’s here to tell you all about it.

Happy Thursday!

Emily, Sam and June

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