Level 31: Jean Marc Giffin (Sentinels of the Multiverse), Dan Hulsman (VGMA)

Howdy!Composer Jean-Marc Giffin talks about the music he wrote for Sentinels of the Multiverse, a tabletop game that’s also a digital game. Now, I lovvvvve it when there’s co-op in any game, and that’s the entire purpose of Sentinels. You work together with a friend to defeat a villain, and gameplay is affected by the game’s environment. Sam and I got to play some of it at PAX East this year, and we chatted with some rabid fans of both the tabletop and digital aspects of it.

In Sentinels, there are so many different heroes, villains and environments that Jean-Marc’s written five volumes of music, ranging Spaghetti Western to rock and roll to electronic to 60s cartoons and more.

Jean-Marc was a Patron of the Week at the end of March; you can hear him talk about his favorite video game tunes here.

Dan Hulsman is a guest today too. His Video Game Music Academy is packed with information for those interested in becoming composers in the video game industry, along with content for those of us who simply love game music. For instance, here is a music theory lesson about the main theme from Final Fantasy VII. I’ve known about the site for a few years now, and it was great to finally speak with Dan about his passions and interests in game audio!

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