Level 76: Erik Desiderio (Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer, Remember:Remember)

Composer Erik Desiderio worked on the very first VR game made from an existing property, the Adventure Time VR game. Working on that positioned him nicely to work on a lot of other VR games and experiences in the early stages of all of that technology.

Erik also got to work on the new DLC for Diablo III called “Rise of the Necromancer” from Blizzard Entertainment. He can’t share any of the music yet, sadly, but we got to talk about it a bit.

And be sure to check out Remember:Remember, a creepy alien abduction-type VR experience that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Composed by Erik Desiderio unless noted
Remember:Remember Theme
“Tristram” from Diablo II by Matt Uelmen
Scary Transition 2 from Remember:Remember
Apartment Music from Remember:Remember
They’re All Missing from Remember:Remember
Remember:Remember Theme
Quarterback Snap Main Menu
Quarterback Snap Practice
Discovery Travlr Spaceship Loop
Discovery Travlr Ship Destruct
The Soldier 
Final Music

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