Level 75: Michael Sweet (Walden: A Game, Berklee College of Music)

Michael Sweet is the Artistic Director of the Video Game Scoring program at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He’s been a composer and sound designer in the game industry for many years too, scoring more than one hundred casual titles and the like. If you ever played Xbox 360 in the beginning, you’re well aware of his work as a sound designer, since he created the startup sound for that console.His newest project is music and sound for Walden: A Game, about Henry David Thoreau and his book about Walden Pond. And it’s gorgeous music (also a beautiful game)!

Our Patron of the Week is David Bangerter, a podcaster and YouTuber who loves the Assassin’s Creed series. He’ll explain why there’s a relative absence of AC music in his list below. We talked about the first two:

1. “I’ll Face Myself” from Persona 4 by Shoji Meguro
2. “The British Empire” from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag by Brian Tyler
3. “Aurora’s Theme” from Child of Light by Cœur De Pirate

4. “Pursuit ~ Cornered” from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney by Masakazu Sugimori
5. “Ballad of the Wind Fish” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening by Kazumi Totaka, Kozue Ishikawa, Minako Hamano

All music written by Michael Sweet unless noted
Walden: A Game “Introduction”
Time Warp: Flintstones “Living Room”
Walden: A Game “Meadow”
Walden: A Game “Winter”
Abzu “Ichthyosaurus communis” Austin Wintory
Walden: A Game “Fall”
Walden: A Game “Meadow”
Walden: A Game “Meadow”
Lego Stackit theme

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