Level 68: Inon Zur (Syberia 3) and Brad Beaumont (League of Legends)

A double-header today, with two fabulous guests, if we do say so…

Brad Beaumont  is the Audio Director for League of Legends  at Riot Games . As fun as it is talking with composers, it’s equally fun to talk with the people in charge of other sounds we hear in games!

In Brad’s segment, you’ll hear from five of the most recent themes written for champions (characters) in the game. Brad didn’t compose it, but he did hand-pick it for us to use in this episode, for which we’re grateful.

Plus, it’s pretty frickin’ great music. If you’d like to get in touch with Brad, his Summoner name is “Riot Eno” and you’ll find him under that name on community forums, Reddit, etc.

We’re always pleased to have Inon Zur  on as a guest, and we think you’ll enjoy his music for Syberia 3 , which came out a few weeks ago (April 20, 2017). You’ll hear throat singing, instruments like the balalaika and how the (fictional) location inspired Inon’s music.

In many cases, we have access to the full soundtrack, whether it’s released or not. This time, though, we got four tracks from the game, in case you’re curious why each track is used more than once in the segment.

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