Level 222: Lennie Moore (Mentors, Outcast 2)

Composer Lennie Moore talks about his newest passion project, a big band album called Mentors that pays tribute to his musical mentors, like record producer Arif Mardin, pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi and drummer Peter Erskine (who plays on the album).

While we do briefly discuss the upcoming Outcast 2 (Lennie scored the first Outcast in 1999), most of the conversation centers around the album and the people who aided Lennie musically along the way.

You can hear Sam (Level’s producer) and I discuss it in Next Level on YouTube.

This is long conversation but we make no apologies; you’re going to learn a LOT about some legendary musicians and it’s well worth it!
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by Lennie Moore from Mentors unless noted otherwise

00:00 Manic
09:26 The Mardini Effect
14:53 The Mardini Effect
17:20 Planetary Misalignment
20:04 Two Peas In A Pod
21:13 Essence MIDI demo
21:24 Essence (album version)
30:11 Manic
34:31 Two Peas In A Pod
35:10 Intentionality
39:33 Intentionality
42:05 Two Peas In A Pod
43:35 Essence
44:27 “Saving Metroville” (ft. Wayne Bergeron, lead trumpet) from The Incredibles by Michael Giacchino
45:22 Essence
49:30 Essence
54:45 The Mardini Effect
56:14 The Mardini Effect
1:02:18 The Mardini Effect
1:03:53 The Mardini Effect
1:06:19 Smoke & Mirrors
1:08:25 Intentionality
1:10:38 Intentionality
1:15:06 Manic
1:17:41 Manic
1:22:13 Manic
1:23:46 Manic
1:29:44 The Kid
1:49:05 Main Title from Outcast by Lennie Moore, featuring the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
1:55:25 Planetary Misalignment
1:55:55 “Other Sprouts” by Sam Keenan
Source: LWER

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