Level 221: Wes Keltner, Ross Tregenza (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)

Wes Keltner is the CEO of Gun Interactive, creators of the upcoming game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Ross Tregenza composed the music and worked on sound.

The game is in the canon of the original film from 1974. We talk about how they pieced together a handful of working chain saws to get the perfect sound from the machine, the same models used in the original film.

And Wes had an instrument made specifically for the soundtrack (pictured on Patreon). He had an Apprehension Engine created. Invented by composer Mark Korven, the instrument is able to create a wealth of creepy sounds.
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I loved talking with these two creators about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. And if you haven’t seen the original, or if it’s been a while, WATCH IT.

PLAYLIST by Ross Tregenza for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre unless noted otherwise

00:00 And What Will Be Left Of Them 27:56 The Old Slaughterhouse 30:02 Blunt Headed Hammer 1:17:32 (audio from the trailer) 1:17:47 The Massacre 1:18:10 Other Sprouts, by Sam Keenan

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