Joon Media 13: Jack Wall (Black Ops III), Kenny Young & Brian D’Oliveira (Tearaway Unfolded)

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s an episode for you to enjoy after that giant meal. Or, if you don’t live around here, and today was an ordinary day for you, I’m sorry to be posting this so late, I was eating a LOT earlier.

Jack Wall is on today’s show, highlighting the music he wrote for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The beauty of this soundtrack is in its variety, among other things; this iteration of COD has two campaigns. There’s the single-player campaign as you’d expect, and now there’s a campaign to Zombie Mode. Jack wrote music for both, in addition to writing the music for the perks in the multiplayer Zombie Mode. IT’S ALL SO GOOD. The game takes place in New Orleans, so Jack wrote some incredible big band tunes, along with some zydeco. Jack didn’t hold back one bit and it’s a delight to listen to this score. Plus, I just love that dude.

Speaking of love, Brian D’Oliveira and Kenny Young can also claim ownership of my heart. I met Brian because I interviewed him on Top Score for the music he wrote for Papo & Yo. And Kenny and Brian together wrote the music for Tearaway, which came out for PlayStation Vita in 2013. That game was fabulous and Sony asked the developer (Media Molecule) to make it for PlayStation 4, which was a lot more complicated than it usually is. You’ll have to hear Kenny’s explanation in the episode! These two wrote such great music – it has a wonderful innocence about it, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Have a wonderful evening –

Emily, Sam and June

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