Joon Media 01: Ellen McLain, John Patrick Lowrie, Jason Graves, Super Marcato Bros., Ben Reeves

Hi, welcome, howdy, thanks for checking out Episode 1 of the show with no name yet!! More on that later.

I’m Emily Reese, and I’m happy you’re along for the ride! Sam Keenan and I started a podcast together at Minnesota Public Radio called Top Score. We loved working on that show and miss it very much!

Our new show gives you an opportunity to hear from nearly anyone you could possibly imagine in the video game industry. We love video game music, so you’ll hear a lot of that too. Do you have a favorite cosplayer? We’ll get ‘em on! You’ll hear from composers, LPers, audio directors, artists, musicians, journalists, podcasters, actors, and more!

This first episode is ridiculously fabulous, if we do say so ourselves.

The first time I ever interviewed Jason Graves, it was early in 2011. He was already working on the music for Until Dawn around that time, although I didn’t know that yet. Four years and several interviews and panels later, Jason and I got to talk about his music for the game. Until Dawn is a survival horror game, way way way too scary for me to play, although I’m not ruling it out. Jason and I have been down this road before – I didn’t play any of the Dead Space games either. I encourage you, if you shy away from the horror genre, to watch the opening moments of Until Dawn. You’ll get an incredible sense of what it must be like to play it, without soiling yourself from actually playing it.

John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain are voice actors and musicians. They’ve been married for about 29 years, and they’re a hoot. They’re best-known in gaming for their work in several Valve titles, like the Portal series, Left 4 Dead, Half-Life 2, and Team Fortress 2. Ellen’s projects include the award-winning film Winning Dad. She’s in LEGO Dimensions, which comes out later this month (Sept. 27). John wrote a sci-fi novel called Dancing With Eternity and he’s the voice of Sherlock Holmes in The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, an audio book series of all 60 in the set by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These two are amazing!

You can learn more about Karl and Will Brueggemann, and hear their original music and check out their Super Marcato Bros. podcast here!

Ben Reeves, Senior Editor for Game Informer, went to PAX Prime in Seattle this past weekend. He stopped by to tell us about his experience at the biggest fan-convention in video games, and did you know he wrote a book?? Check it out, it’s called Kill Screen.

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