Level 54: WYSO Radio Broadcast

On January 3rd, WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio broadcast an hour of Level during their documentary hour. We did a fresh set of interviews with Garry Schyman, Jason Graves and Disasterpeace about their musical influences and favorite works.

During the broadcast, we included full pieces by all three composers; however, due to copyright law and in accordance with Fair Use, we’re only allowed to present 30-second clips of music in the clear in podcast form. It means you miss out on about 17 minutes of music, but it also means we’re legal!

We’re grateful WYSO allowed us the opportunity to create this show and speak with these fine composers about the wonderful tradition of writing music.

And suddenly, links aren’t working for this article, but please show WYSO some love and check out the article and website here:  http://wyso.org/post/music-special-level-emily-reese

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